PHYSLETS were developed at Davidson University by Wolfgang Christian. They are java applets that can be called from some javascript code in a web page. The links below contain physlets written or adapted for use at LTU by Dr. Scott Schneider.

CORRECT version of JAVA NEEDED! The Java developers often do security updates, the scamps, and this sometimes breaks the java applets on this page.  Currently (Fall 2014) I'm running jre-6u43-windows-i586 (it means I had to uninstall Java 7 to do this).  When I run the applet the first time, I get a "warning" that prompts me to upgrade - depending on your browser, there should be an option to ignore and "remember" that you want to run the applets with this security level - it is a minor pain, but I think the physlets are worth it.  (But, if this is too much of a hassle, I suggest you look at Open Source Physics and/or PHET - they have some great resources also!)

Looking for Exploration Day subset ...

Introduction to using Physlets

Physics 1 Applets

Kinematics - One Dimensional Motion

Kinematics - Two/Three Dimensional Motion

General Forces (2D)

Frictional Forces

Center of Mass

Momentum - explosions/collisions

Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics

Torques and CounterTorques

Gravity, sweet sweet Gravity

Physics 2 Applets


"Simple" Harmonic Motion (with friction)


DC circuits

RLC circuits

Magnetic Fields

Phasor Diagrams

Traveling Wave

Standing Waves

Audio beats in Sound Waves

Doppler Effect

Interference of two sources (Ripple tank)

Contemporary Applets

Theoretical Mechanics Applets

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