Launching from the surface of a distant planet!

Launching a rocket from the surface of a distant planet!

    We can choose the radius and the density of a new planet (thus the mass and escape velocity are determined).
    We could then select what launch velocity we want to use .. to see how far out we will go from the planet (and we will pick the velocity as the fraction of the escape velocity).
    We could also pick a certain distance out that we want to monitor .. assuming we reach that distance, we could calculate the velocity we would have at that point.

For the purposes of display ... the gravitational well has been scaled to 1, and the horizontal distance is in units of the planet's radius. Thus, clicking down at some point would tell you how far out you are, in terms of numbers of radii of the planet.

Set the initial parameters of the planet, in terms of Earth :
R(planet) =  x R(Earth)
 density =  x Earth density
Set the starting conditions :
Initial Velocity =  x New Planet's Escape velocity
If you want to watch a particular point, enter the distance here:
Distance to watch =  x New Planet's Radius