Using "Animations" in Physlets

[Wait until the applet loads completely {you will see a message down in the status bar saying it is "running"} before pressing PLAY.]

Description : The icon is sitting in the middle of the screen - if you press the PLAY button, the "animation" will start, and the image will move around the screen. You can press the PAUSE button to halt the motion, the STEP buttons to move forward or backward, and the RESET button to return the animation to the beginning. Try the various buttons with this animation to get the feel of using the buttons to manipulate the animation. 

X/Y postions : If you click down with the mouse inside the box, you can see the X and Y coordinates of that point (in this case assume the distances are meters.) Also, note the origin is in the center of the box.

Restart the Animation

Trails : Notice that you can put trails in the animation, and have them stop after a certain length (so as not to clutter the animation).

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