Simple Hanging Sign (hangsign1)

Here is a simple sign model - a beam is horizontal, supported at the wall end by a hinge, and supported by a cable connected up on the wall. You can set the masses of the sign hanging from the bar, and the mass of the beam itself. You can move the sign along the beam, and you can move the wire connection point (both distances are fractions of the beam length). You can also change the angle that the cable makes with the beam. Force conventions are : vertical -> positive = up, horiztonal -> positive = to the right.

Set the starting values :

           Msign (kg) =    
           Mbeam (kg) =    
           X sign (m) =     = fraction of beam length
           X wire (m) =     = fraction of beam length
           Theta of wire (deg) =    
  * If you manually change values ...