Adding Capacitors in Series and Parallel (DC)

Description : We can add capacitors in series and in parallel - choosing from a set of configurations. We can also choose values for the capacitors and the voltage. The charges (coulombs), voltages (volts), and stored electrical energy (Joules) are automatically calculated for each capacitor, and the total.

Choose which configuration :
C1 in series with C2
C2 in parallel with C4
C1 in series with (C2+C4=par)
(C1+C2=ser) in parallel with C4
(C1+C2=ser) in parallel with (C3+C4=ser)
(C1+C3=par) in series with (C2+C4=par)

Change the values of the Capacitances (Farads) and Voltage (Volts) :

                              C1 =       C3 =

V0 =

                               C2 =       C4 =


[Note : If the configuration you picked doesn't contain a particular capacitor - it is ignored (the only capacitors that "count" are the ones showing to the right).]

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