Vector quantities in simple Kinematics

[Wait until the applet loads completely {you will see a message down in the status bar saying it is "running"} before pressing PLAY.]

Description : We will look at several kinematics situations, involving different starting positions, velocities, and accelerations. We can illustrate the information with graphs, as well as display vectors associated with the motion. The point of this experiment is to get familiar with the "conceptual connection" between the vectors and the graphs.

Scenerio 1     Scenerio 2     Scenerio 3     Scenerio 4

Try each of the scenerios above, and watch the animations below. At the same time, notice the graphs over on the right - they are connected to the motion presented below. (Note that the center of the box below is X=0 .. with the +x to the right and -x to the left, as usual.) Also, the velocity vector is shown in GREEN and the acceleration vector is in BLUE

Question: Can you identify the inital values (position, velocity, and acceleration) in each of the scenerios above? [Make measurements from the graphs as necessary.]

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