Police 1A - Connecting the Police/Speeder Motion to a Graph - On Screen capture!

[Wait until the applet loads completely {you will see a message down in the status bar saying it is "running"} before pressing PLAY.]

Description : A police Officer is at rest, when a speeder goes by. The Police Officer checks to make sure his lane is clear (that's why there is a delay before he accelerates!) and starts to accelerate to catch the speeder. Observer the connection between the motion of the cars and the graph illustrating their Displacement vs Time information.

Questions to answer BEFORE you run the animation :
A) What will the Speeder's Displacement vs Time graph look like?
B) What will the Police Officer's Displacement vs Time graph look like?
C) Assuming the Police Officer will catches the Speeder, what will be happening on the graph at that moment?

Now run the animation!

Questions for after the animation:
D) How fast is the speeder going?
E) How long (in seconds) after the Police Officer started moving did the Police Officer catch up to the speeder (backs of the cars were equal)?

    Read the information to the left before running animation!

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