Police 3 - Changing the Police/Speeder parameters!

Description : We want more control over the cop and speeder problem! Let's be able to put in the initial position, and constant speed of the speeder. Also, let's put in the initial position of the cop, and the acceleration of the cop. [The positions will be measured from the origin, (which is indicated by the vertical line), thus could be negative.]

  • Initial position of the speeder  meters
  • Constant velocity of the speeder  m/s    (starts at t=0)
  • Initial position of the Cop  meters
  • Acceleration of the Cop  m/s^2    (starts at t=delay)
  • Time delay of Cop (must be >0)  sec

(The animation may move off screen, but the graph will go until you stop it.)

Can you change the parameters above to give these situations ? :

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