Boat on River Part 2 - We control the velocities

Description : Let's experiment with different boat/river velocities. You have a boat that has a fixed speed relative to the water, and you want to get across the river. The simulation initially shows the boat aiming straight across the river (and ending up downstream). There is a dock (in blue) directly across the river .. it would be nice to get there. But there is an IceCream place just upriver from the dock, it would be BETTER to get there!
   [Until I can figure out how to angle the boat in the animation, we will use a red ball and an arrow to indicate the boat direction.]
        NEW - Take a look at the physics behind the boat on a river part 2.
                [NOTE: The coordinate system in this physlet has changed recently - upriver is now to the RIGHT.]

Change the values below, then click the UPDATE CONDITIONS button - then PLAY.

  Angle upstream =   degrees (upstream=+angle, downstream= -angle)
  Boat speed =   m/sec )   
  River speed =   m/sec )   

Questions as you run the animation:
A) If Vboat = 4 and Vriver = 5, what is your "range" on the other side (what limits)?
B) Can you arrive at the Second Ice Cream stand downriver? - What angle is needed?
C) Try angles of 40, 60, 80 upstream .. what do you notice about the "hit" location on the other side? (Take a look at the "physics behind the physlet" in the link above for more information.)

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