Conservation of Momentum - Initial energy of the "Explosion" -> KE

Set the starting values :

           M1 (left) (kg) =    
           M2 (right) (kg) =    
           Explosion KE (J) =    
  * If you manually change {by typing} any of the values above..

This animation is an extension of the previous animation momenta1 where you picked the final velocity of the one of the masses. Now we are going to choose the initial kinetic energy given to the masses in the explosion. We can also change the values of the masses.

With equal masses, what is the relationship between the final velocities and the initial KE?
   Answer: The final velocities are equal {because of the equal masses}, and proportional to the square root of the KE. (For example, try m1=m2=10, KE=10 .. then KE=40.)

With unequal masses, what is the relationship between the final velocities?
   Answer: The final velocities are unequal - the larger mass having the smaller velocity - to conserve momentum. Also, 4 times the KE will give 2 times the final velocities

If M2 is much much bigger than M1, what do you notice about the velocity of M1 as you increase the KE?
   Answer: Since the momentum is conserved .. the more you increase M2, the smaller it's final velocity will be, thus it will only take a small portion of the KE .. thus the KE of M1 is very close to the initial KE.

Note: You might notice that in the first time-step after the explosion, the velocities shown are half of their final velocities - this is an artifact of the way the physlet does its calculations (think of it as still part of the explosion phase until they fully separate). It is the final velocities that we care about.

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