Two Dimensional Center of Mass

Set the starting values (masses in kilograms, distances in meters):

           M1 =       x1 =       y1 = 
           M2 =       x2 =       y2 = 
           M3 =       x3 =       y3 = 
           M4 =       x4 =       y4 = 

  * If you manually change values ...

For up to 4 masses, you can select the size of the mass, and the x and y positions of the mass. The center of mass (Xcm, Ycm) is automatically calculated and graphed as you make the changes. The "area" of the mass dot in the graph is proportional to the mass of that dot. (The arrow buttons near the initial values will increase/decrease the values by one unit. If you manually change a value {not using the buttons}, click the UPDATE button.)

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