Maximum Power (Resonance) in Series RLC Circuits

    We have seen the phasors and time curves for the circuit elements in Series RLC AC circuits. Now we can investigate the concept of resonance in the same circuits. Resonance occurs when the overall impedence is the lowest .. that means that XL is very nearly XC. That's the peak of the graph.
    Since the reactances' of the Capacitor and the Inductor depend on the frequency of the generator, it seems reasonable that the Power in the resistor will also depend on the frequency.
    You can change the parameters below, to investigate the circuit characteristics, and your particular power for your frequency (shown as blue dot on the graph). [Note: red variables below change the size/shape of the curve!]

Set the initial parameters of the circuit :
Emax =  volts
R =  ohms
L =    Henries
C =    microFarads
f =  cycles/sec       

    Here are the equations we will use ...

Circuit Values :
  Pmax =  Watts
  W0 =  rad/sec
  f0 =   cycles/sec
  XC =   ohms
  XL =  ohms

Values right now :
  Pmax =  Watts
  Wnow =  rad/sec
  fnow =   cycles/sec