Damped and Driven Harmonic Oscillator

Initial conditions :

  • Mass of the block  kg
  • Spring constant (K)  N/m
  • Initial position (X0) of the mass =  m
  • Initial velocity (V0) of the mass =  m/sec
  • Coefficient of velocity friction (c)  (Nsec/m)
  • Driving force magnitude (F0)  N
  • Driving frequency  rad/sec

Plot velocity also!
Plot Mechanical Energy also!


Set the values for the initial conditions, click the Update button, and then use the tape-player controls on the animation to start the motion.

The "critical damping" value (for undriven motion) is shown, for the given m and k values ( c_critical = (4*m*k)1/2 ).

Note: If there is a non-zero F0 and w0, there is energy being added to the system, so it will eventually "settle" (in a "transient" phase) to a "steady-state" oscillation - but, what effect does the damping constant strength have on the length, in time, of the transient phase?