Vertical Projectile Motion 1 - Throw a hammer in the air!

[Wait until the applet loads completely {you will see a message down in the status bar saying it is "running"} before pressing PLAY.]

Description : We throw a hammer in the air .. where it lands .. well, let's put it this way - wear a hardhat! [Use the head of the hammer as the point for measurements. Also note that the "origin" is shifted upward in each figure so the head of the hammer starts at the origin.]


A) What is the highest point in the flight of the Hammer?
B) What is the initial speed of the Hammer?
C) How long does the Hammer take to reach the very top? D) If you doubled the initial speed, how high would the hammer go?
     Try double the initial velocity! [Watch the vertical scale!]
     Or go back to the original conditions.
E) What happens to the time it takes to reach the top if the intitial velocity is doubled?


A) The vertical maximum should be about 5.1 meters.
B) The initial velocity of the Hammer is 10 m/sec
C) The Hammer should go take 2.04 seconds to come back down .. so a little over 1 second to reach the top.
D) The Hammer should go 4 times as high - thus 20.4 meters
E) Twice the original time - a little over 2 seconds to the top.

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