Rotation of current-carrying loop in B Field

     This physlet illustrates the motion of a current-carrying loop in an external magnetic field.
     We are seeing the loop "edge-on", so there is the straight piece and two "circles" on the end to indicate the wires that point perpendicular to the screen. If the current in the end wires is coming OUT, it will have a DOT WITHIN A CIRCLE (like the tip of an arrow). If the current is going IN, then there is an X (like the tail of an arrow). The force vectors are also shown (the magnetic force on the current-carrying wire, from the magnetic field).
     You can change the strength of the magnetic field, and the direction of the field (Positive B = EAST, Negative B = WEST). You can change the magnitude of the current, and the direction of the current (the direction is indicated by what the GREEN wire shows .. POSITIVE current means OUT for the green wire .. NEGATIVE means IN). You can also change the intial angle - this is the angle that the magnetic moment makes with the Magnetic field.
(Wouldn't it be great to be able to see the magnetic moment vector as it rotates ... hoo boy, yeah, that would be sweet, but I can't figure out how to do that! It's because of the way I'm doing the animation .. I don't have access to the "orientation" of the coil as it moves.)

    Theta =  deg (angle of coil, relative to horizontal)
    Bx =  T (- = left, +=right)
    I (green +=out) =  amp