SHM Energy


[First Maximize this Window. [Wait until the applet loads completely {you will see a message down in the status bar at the bottom of this window saying "Applet DataGraph3 started" before pressing [play] button.]

Note on Buttons: When buttons are discussed in the text below they will be shown with the word enclosed by brackets all bolded. So the "play button" will be indicated by [play] .

A rectagular mass is attached to a spring and slides along a horizontal surface that exerts a frictional force ont it. The coefficients of kinetic and static friction between the surface and mass are m K and m S shown in the input boxes below.

The Clock Time is shown in the upper left corner of the graph. Time = 0 coincides with pushing of the [play]

If you press the [pause] to temporarily stop the motion, you can then [step>>] or [<<step] through the motion one frame at a time. This allows you to easily determine the position of the ball at any time. Press the [reset] to set the time back to the beginning (Time=0).

Initial Conditions
Drag the block first and then the [Play]. This will give you the block without any initial velocity. You can get control of the input boxes by pressing the [Update Values] twice to get rid of the drag feature.

You can then [play] the conditions that have already been entered or you can enter your own values into the input boxes below. After you press the [Update Values] your values will be added to the animation. Then [play].

The positive direction for the position x of the sliding block and x-component of Velocity Vx are to the right. . Negative values will point to the left.

IMPORTANT:Scroll down so that all of the graph and the buttons below it are visible. Then press [play].

Potential Energy (U)-Red;   Kinetic Energy (KE)-Green   Total Energy (Et )-Black


Pressing the [Update Values] twice deletes the drag feature so that inputs will become active. Pressing the [Update Values] again will make the entered values effective. Then press[play].

Initial Conditions: Drag the block first and then the [Play]. The block starts at some Initial x-position and Initial Velocity (x-component) Vxo
at Time = 0.

Note: the values of x-initial and Vxo may be Positive or Negative.
         All others values must be positive.

    Initial x-position cm ( |x|Maximum = 30 cm )
   Vxo = Initial Velocity (x-componnet) of ball =   cm/s
Note: The inputs and the graphs for x is in centimeters (cm) and the
        velocity is in (cm/s). Remember to convert to proper units
        in calculations for energy in (Joules = J).

Force Constant (Spring Constant) = k = N/m
Mass of Red Pendulum Bob = m = kg
Coefficient of Kinetic Friction = m K =
Coefficient of Static Friction = m S =