Pulling a sled with an angled force (with unrevealed friction)

Description : A sled is pulled along a horizontal surface by a force that can be angled up from the horizontal. There is friction between the sled and the ground, but you are not shown the values of the coefficients - you will have to figure them out! Change the values below, then click the UPDATE CONDITIONS button - then PLAY.

  Force magnitude =   N   Angle up from +x axis =   degrees
  mass of sled =   kg

Some possible investigations:
A) Set the pulling angle to zero to help you calculate the frictional forces.
B) What is the connection between the frictional force and the horizontal component of the pulling force if there is no motion sideways? (Set the angle to zero, try stronger and stronger horizontal forces - watch the frictional force vector)
C) What happens to the frictional force vector when you break the sled free and it can move (compare just before it moves to just after it moves).
D) If your pulling force is strong enough to get the block to move .. can you make measurements/calculations to find the kinetic coefficient of friction? (What other piece of information do you get if the block is moving?)

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