It's a Charlie Brown Christmas Quiz!!!!

The 25 questions of Charlie Brown's Christmas

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1) What is the opening shot (scene) of the show?      1) Skating rink.

2) What is Lucy's description of Charlie Brown .. it starts with "Of all the .."      'Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Brownest!'

3) When Charlie Brown walks by Snoopy's place - what is Snoopy doing?      3) Eating dog bones and reading the newspaper.

4) What activity does Snoopy engage in later that frustrates Charlie Brown?      4) He has entered a decoration contest.

5) What does Lucy really want for Christmas?      5) Real Estate.

6) Sally has an itemized list for Santa .. what does she suggest (specifically) might be easier for him?      6) Just send money ... preferably tens and twenties.

7) What is Sally's statement about what she thinks she wants for Christmas?      7) All I want is what I have coming to me, all I want is my fair share.

8) What is Lucy's advice about catching snowflakes on your tongue?      8) Wait until January.

9) What is Linus's reaction to catching a snowflake?      9) Needs sugar.

10) How much does the "psychiatric help" cost Charlie Brown?      10) 5 cents.

11) According to Lucy, what is the fear of responsibility, cats, staircases, everything (I missed a few in there)?      11) hypengyophobia, ailurophasia, climacophobia, pantaphobia. (Wow,  did my spell-checker complain about those.)

12) What parts do the other various people play in the Christmas play?      12) Freida - innkeeper's wife, with the naturally curly hair. Pigpen - the innkeeper. Sherman - the shepherd.

13) How does Snoopy greet the director of the play, Charlie Brown, his "master"?      13) he boos.

14) What part does Lucy want to play?      14) The Christmas Queen

15) What creatures does Snoopy impersonate at Lucy's request?      15) sheep, cow, penguin, vulture, and Lucy herself!

16) What does Snoopy do that upsets Lucy?      16) She claims he kissed her ('dog germs, dog germs'), but he really just licked her face.

17) What five convincing reasons does Lucy give for Linus to memorize his lines?      17) The five fingers of her fist.

18) Instead of paying attention to Charlie Brown, what does the cast do?      18) They dance!

19) According to Lucy, who really "runs" Christmas?      19) A big Eastern syndicate.

20) Who tells Charlie Brown about the true meaning of Christmas?      20) Linus - after asking someone (?) for a spotlight.

21) What happens when Charlie Brown picks up the tree he selected?      21) Some of the needles fall off.

22) After Shroeder is playing Beethoven, what does Lucy give as a reason for him not being that great?      22) He was never on a bubblegum card.

23) What song does Lucy want Shroeder to play?      23) Jingle Bells, he plays it beautifully at first, then simpler .. finally 'plinking' the notes.

24) What is the final outcome of Charlie Brown's tree?      24) They decorate it with the trimmings from Snoopy's Second place decorations.

25) What song does the crowd sing at the end?      25) Hark the Herald Angels Sing

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